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Occupational Health

Our physical therapists are experienced providers in industrial rehabilitation and can help you, the employer or sole practitioner, achieve the following goals:

  • Reduced number of worker’s compensation claims
  • Reduced severity of claims
  • Reduced worker’s compensation insurance costs
  • Improved employer-employee relations
  • Fewer days off work or at modified work duty

We can assist you with a complete array of occupational health services, from preventive programs to quick treatment for injured workers when injuries do occur. Prevention programs are important in reducing company and employee risk. Our programs successfully blend employee responsibility with the assurance that the company is attentive to workers’ needs and committed to providing a healthy work environment.


Ergonomics and work site evaluations
Our therapists can identify risks for potential injury related to the design of frequently-used equipment and how to modify this risk through inexpensive alterations or substitutions.

Healthy work behavior training for employees and supervisors
Faulty work behaviors, rather than poor ergonomic design, is often the source of injury. We can train both your supervisors and employees to identify and limit risky behaviors, and, therefore, reduce work injuries and worker’s compensation claims.


A Functional Job Description, based on a skilled analysis of the job site, provides specific details about a position’s work tasks and may be used for:

  • Hiring: It is appropriate to show an applicant a detailed job description during their interview and ask them if they are physically able to perform the essential functions of the job.
  • Post-Offer Screening: Screening evaluates the prospective employee’s ability to perform the functional demands of the job and should match the job description.
  • Evaluating performance for advancement/promotion
  • Returning to work: A well-designed job description provides valuable information to medical personnel in determining appropriate modified duty programs and improves the efficiency of returning an employee to work.


Our post-offer screen is a functional test to determine an individual’s physical ability to perform the physical requirements of a specific job before starting employment. The screening process insures a match between the worker and the work in a non-discriminatory manner.



Early intervention is the key to reducing the overall cost and length of treatment. Most musculoskeletal injuries can be effectively managed with Physical Therapy if the problem is addressed in a timely manner. CoreBalance Therapy offers different models of physical therapy intervention for job injuries.

Traditional: An injured worker is sent to a physician for examination of an injury and is then referred to physical therapy for treatment. Treatment will always include patient education on proper body mechanics and joint protection techniques. Other treatment options include modalities for pain relief, manual therapy, and instruction in self-care and prevention of re-injury.

Pro-Active: Injury associated costs can be reduced by sending workers with musculoskeletal injuries directly to our physical therapists. We are able to consult with the worker at the worksite or schedule an appointment at our clinic within 1-2 business days to evaluate what therapy will most efficiently resolve the worker’s symptoms. Depending on the type of intervention needed, some of these sessions can be considered a “consult” and do not become OSHA-reportable injuries. Our physical therapists are experienced in advising employers/employees on appropriate changes in work status and our treatment focuses on returning the worker to their regular job tasks quickly and safely. This program has been very successful in reducing claims and costs.

Quick evaluation and treatment lead to faster recovery, less lost work time, improved employee attitude, and decreased costs.

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