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What to Expect

Hello and welcome to our clinic! Thank you so much for considering CoreBalance Therapy a partner in your health!

What you can expect at your first visit

Your first visit will be about an hour long.  Please arrive early to your appointment to complete paperwork, so your appointment is not cut short when the next patient arrives.  You can download the forms beforehand and bring them already completed to save time.

Billing personnel will discuss your insurance coverage, if any, and your personal financial responsibility, so there are no surprises.

Your physical therapist will ask specific questions about the history of your condition and will conduct a thorough examination.  Take your medications as you would normally!  If you are being evaluated for dizziness and you tend to have severe nausea, please take your anti-nausea medication about an hour before your session.

You and your therapist will outline the course of your therapy during this first visit, and options for treatment will be discussed.  We will also often begin your treatment once we have mutually arrived at a plan of care.

Will it make me feel worse?

In order to achieve a full understanding of your condition it is generally necessary to reproduce symptoms during the evaluation, and it is not possible to treat patients with pain without the risk of provoking that pain.  However, by taking a thorough history and performing a careful and complete examination we can usually minimize any pain reproduction.  It is our intent to help patients feel better, not to make them worse!

Please bring the following to your first visit:

  • Completed paperwork.
  • Your health insurance card and personal identification.
  • A physical therapy referral or prescription from your health care provider, if applicable.  Please note that many insurances do not require a referral for physical therapy – if in doubt please contact us.
  • A current list of your medications and supplements
  • A list of your questions regarding your condition or physical therapy care.
  • Please either wear or bring clothing that allows access to the area we will be treating (i.e. shorts or loose fitting pants for knee/hip/lower back pain).  We do have gowns available if needed.

We pride ourselves in providing the very best in physical therapy care!  For us, this means:

  • Personalized care.   This is accomplished only through one-on-one time with your therapist.  We view each session as an opportunity to re-assess your case, get your feedback, and modify treatment as needed to optimize the results.
  • Evidence-based care.  We are always reviewing the latest research to determine the best options for your care.  We understand that an individual therapist is not expert in all aspects of care for all conditions.  For this reason, it might be recommended that your case be managed by more than one therapist on our team.
  • Partnership with the patient.  You can expect to have “homework”, not only during the course of therapy, but for long-term injury prevention or management of a chronic condition.  We will adapt your home program to your preferences, but keep in mind that some lifestyle changes may be necessary.

CoreBalance Therapy LLC is a clinical education site for doctoral physical therapy students from across the country.  Students must be independent in clinical decision-making and treatment by the end of their internship with us; however, rest assured that all treatment has been reviewed by the supervising physical therapist.  Please discuss with your therapist your comfort level in working with a student.

Call 928-556-9935 for your appointment, or email us.  We look forward to meeting you!

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