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Back & Neck Pain

How Common is Back and Neck Pain?

Spine pain is a condition that will affect 80% or more of Americans during their lifetime, costing billions of dollars in medical expenses, lost wages and decreased productivity.  Symptoms can range from mild back ache or a stiff neck to severe pain, radiating symptoms into the arms or legs, numbness and weakness.  For some people, their spine condition results in a great reduction in quality of life and ability to perform otherwise routine activities.   There is also a great range in the available treatments, ranging from ‘conservative’ interventions such as medications and exercise to more ‘invasive’ treatments including injections and surgery.

treating back and neck pain with physical therapy

Back and neck pain can be treated with physical therapy

What Can Physical Therapy do for Back and Neck Pain?

At CoreBalance Therapy, we believe that the majority of painful spine conditions can and should be addressed with a careful examination and a treatment program tailored to the patient’s presentation.  The combination of detailed evaluation, appropriate orthopaedic manual physical therapy, and an individualized exercise program to address limitations of strength, coordination, and mobility has been repeatedly shown in research to be a safe and effective intervention for nearly all forms of spine pain.  We follow the emerging research in the management of spine pain closely, and provide the latest in evidence-based care for all of our patients.  While the research is clear that treatment should be tailored to the patient rather than to imaging studies, we provide care for a wide range of diagnoses including herniated and/or bulging spinal discs, spinal stenosis, scoliosis, degenerative disc disease, facet pain, myofascial pain, post-operative spine pain and plain old sprained backs and necks.

I’ve had Physical Therapy (or other care) Before.  Is This Any Different?

It may be.  Our physical therapists have extensive post-graduate training and education, and perhaps most importantly we take the time to really understand our patients and make an impact in their condition.  We believe that physical therapy should be more than a list of exercises and some machines.  We believe that our patients should learn something from their time with us to help them better manage their condition, and we believe that skilled touch is frequently a difference maker for patients struggling with a painful neck or back (or any other part of their body!).

If you want the very best physical therapy for your neck or your back in Flagstaff, provided in a warm and welcoming environment by physical therapists who are truly committed to making a difference for their patients, please call us at 928-556-9935 or Email us today. 

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